ImproveΒ your life with positive self-talk
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Worry plays a minute role in my life because of how ineffective it is. The approach of anxiety and doubt only serves to make me unsettled and ill. I know that solutions present themselves at the right time, so worrying is pointless.

When I face uncertainty, I avoid being overly concerned. Reflecting on my past impossibilities shows me that they eventually resolve themselves.

My focus, instead, is on addressing the issues that I can do something about right now.

Sometimes I use my creativity and determination to identify my answers. Other times I patiently wait for the answers to come to me.

I require a certain balance in order to go through life calmly and without worry. I practice having that calmness each day through meditation and breathing. When I am relaxed, I am more confident that each situation has its due resolution.

My mind is also sharper, and my thoughts clearer, when I am relaxed. In this state, I can often see a solution that I may have missed before.

I can also rely on reassurance from others to keep me from losing my cool. My family and friends remind me to have confidence that I can find a solution and patience to wait for its due time.

Today, the certainty of the sun coming out after rain reminds me to worry less and expect more. I know that the answers are right where they belong and reveal themselves at the opportune time.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I differentiate between a solution and an illusion of one?
  2. What techniques do I use to avoid worrying?
  3. How well do I process delays in resolution of issues?


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