Improve your life with positive self-talk.Β 
Positive self-talk will help you recognize, promote, and sustain optimism, hope, and joy in your life.

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I am able to motivate myself easily. Because I know my purpose, motivation comes to me naturally. Motivation is the key to accomplishing things with enthusiasm. I can do anything if I am enthusiastic.


Regardless of the task, I have plenty of motivation to carry me through to the end. Motivation is a renewable resource. It must be replenished regularly.


My attitude is another great advantage I have. My motivation determines what I do, but it is my attitude that ensures that I do things well. I avoid mediocrity and live life at a high level.


My purpose is clear to me. Whenever I am feeling lost, I remind myself of my purpose.


My purpose guides me each day. I consider my purpose before making any big decisions. Knowing my purpose makes my life easier because I remain grounded and certain.


I receive comfort and peace from knowing what I need to do.


Knowing my purpose is the starting point of my achievements. Being consistent in my purpose is the secret of my success. I know who I am and what I want.


Today, my life is full of motivation and purpose. I remind myself that spending time on my purpose increases the level of motivation I experience. My purpose is clear to me.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. What is my purpose?
  2. How would I describe my typical level of motivation? What can I do to increase my motivation?
  3. What would change about my life if I were more motivated?

with love


  • My life is full of motivation and purpose
    My life is full of motivation and purpose

    Please feel welcome to download this affirmation reflection. I encourage you to always keep it in your purse or pocket. You can read it whenever you feel like you need some extra support.

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