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Positive self-talk will help you recognize, promote, and sustain optimism, hope, and joy in your life.

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Outdoors, surrounded by nature, is a wonderful place to be. Coming face to face with the majesty of creation causes the burdens of my heart to lift away. Physically moving my body from inside to outside activates a shift in my emotional state.

The picture displayed in the sky can never be duplicated. The view found in nature is more beautiful than any painting an artist could create. Each time I look above the clouds, I see a striking new scene. From that beauty, I draw inspiration for life.

Unlike in the predictable indoors, the sights, smells, and sounds are different every time I go outside. The freshness of the outdoors prompts my discovery.

I seize every opportunity to be outside because I enjoy spending time outdoors. There is something about being outdoors that melts away the stress that is contained within four walls. A change of scenery refreshes my soul.

Outdoors, I can meditate, breathe, and exercise. Long walks in nature surpass walking on a treadmill at the gym any day. I forget my troubles when I connect with nature.

Breathing in fresh air is healthy for me. When I breathe in deeply and slowly, I fill my lungs with air and increase the oxygen flow to my brain. I am able to clear my mind just by taking a breath of fresh air.

Today, I choose to delight in the beauty of nature while spending time outdoors. I appreciate the scenery and the effect it has on me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What can I gain from spending a few minutes gazing at the sky today?
  2. How is taking a walk outdoors better than going to the gym?
  3. How can I benefit from breathing fresh air deeply?

Please feel welcome to download this affirmation reflection. I encourage you to always keep it in your purse or pocket. You can read it whenever you feel like you need some extra support.

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