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All the opportunities I need to create an
amazing life are all around me. I only need
to open my eyes and my mind to see
them. I find comfort in the fact that the
world provides all the opportunities I need.

My mind is open to possibilities. I am
sensitized to my goals and immediately spot
any opportunity that serves me.

When I see an opportunity, I seize it!

I avoid allowing good opportunities to slip
away. I know that I must make the most
of each opportunity if I want to
experience life to the fullest.

Noticing opportunities only helps if I take
advantage of them. I respect the assistance
that life is trying to provide me. I show my
respect by taking action and showing

My goals help to decide the opportunities
that life creates and presents. I am clear on
my goals so I have countless opportunities. I
express my gratitude for each opportunity,
which ensures that I have even more of
them in the future.

Today, I am opening my mind to all the
possibilities that exist in the world. I am
committing to aggressively pursuing the
best of those possibilities. I am open to the
opportunities that life presents to me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What is the biggest opportunity I have allowed to slip by? Why did that happen?
2. What are the best opportunities I have available to me now?
3. What would my life look like in 10 years if I took full advantage of the opportunities I have today?

with love

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