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"Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside them was superior to circumstance." - Bruce Barton

Privately I am an adventurer. In nature, I feel at home.

I'm a mom of two. Loved and loving woman.Β And a happy human.

I want to show you how in today's age of the Internet to run a business that will not only give you money but will also allow you to create for your family the life you want.

Hi, my name is Sandra Kin. I’m a digital entrepreneur, forex trader and business consultant, but above all I am a mom with a passion for the family who is devoted to helping other families achieve better quality of life.

My mission is to show as many people as possible how to use cutting-edge technology to succeed in business and change their lives. My business is my passion. Yours also can be.

I truly believe that we can change the world by helping people toΒ change their lives; one after one.


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Our story

I was an employee for the majority of my professional life. I had two or three weeks of vacation yearly and 40 years on the leash ahead of me. I had to let my work know months in advance if I needed a holiday to meet my family or friends as we live in different countries.

Before I moved to Scotland, where I live, for 15 years, I was a single mom in Poland, struggling to give my family financial security. I shared my time between work, and my daughter, but never had enough time that a mother should give her child. It was hard, but I never gave up on my dreams.
You see, I always wanted to travel, live in different places, I wanted to have more freedom and live the life on my own terms, but most of all, I wanted to give my daughter the life she deserved. I wanted so much to show her how to live and work with passion and a sense of freedom.

In 2008, I decided to start my own traditional business to eventually achieve independence and financial freedom. I finally was my own boss, earn good money...but had even less time for my family than before. One day, my daughter came and said:
β€œSo what that we don’t have to worry about money when you don’t even have time to spend with me.”
Once again, I've re-evaluated my priorities and, as a result, quit my business.

When I met my current partner PrzemekΒ in 2015, we decided quite quickly that we want to build a family together and have kids. From that day I knew that I would do whatever possible to give this family freedom and financial security. I wanted for our children to have their parents on a daily basis to support their growth. I did not want to stand again with the problem of whether to return to work and get income or stay at home with my baby. My partner once told me that if I want to live differently, I need to find someone who lives the way I want. Then I need to find out how they do it and do the same. So I did exactly as he said. It soon turns out that there are a lot of families all around the world who lives a life of freedom. That's how an idea of creating a laptop lifestyle came up. Afterward, I found my mentors who taught me how to build an online business. It was a new beginning for us. We finally could build a family and live the way we wanted.

I invited you to my website to show you what I do and how you can do the same. You can give your family freedom and financial support. Be with your kids whenever they need you, watch them grow and provide them with all help they need. Spend more time with your wife/husband/partner and simply be happy.

You can be skeptical now, I understand, I was too. Everyone around you lives traditionally. Parents work from 9to5 and kids stayed with their nannies or in a kindergarten. Sometimes dads are working hard, and mummies stayed at home. This is the model that we have been taught. However, it's not the only way. You have a choice.
If you want more information on how you can buil the business using the Internet and cutting-edge technology, please schedule a call with me and I will tell you more about it. It’s always good to check what are your options. You are worth it. Your family worth it and your dreams worth it.

By telling you this story, I wanted to inspire you and let you know that there is always hope to change your lifestyle and start creating your own freedom. It is the essence of what our community is all about - helping motivated and committed individuals create the life of their dreams by learning how to leverage online tools and technology.

Remember, I'm here for you, It is my mission to show as many people as possible how to use cutting-edge technology to succeed in business and change their lives.Β So, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. You will find all my contact details here.

Our Values and Beliefs

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