You’re capable of managing your life well by efficiently planning and
managing your time. Regardless of all the “Mommy” responsibilities, home tasks, and relationship issues you have to make it through, when you employ efficient organization and time management, you can do all these things well and work, too. Balance your life by applying these principles.

Developing a morning routine brings order to perhaps the most hectic time of your day.

1/Preparing for Work:
➡ Wear easy-care clothing to work
➡ Have an area in your closet to specifically hang only clothes for work
🍥Hang work clothes by clothing type
🍥Organize within each clothing type by color
➡ Organize your shoes
🍥Use shoe racks or a shoe garage to arrange shoes by color or work vs. casual
➡ Designate a space to store work-related paraphernalia
➡ Consider your desk area or the bench by the door so you can “grab and go”

2/Helping Your Family Prepare for Their Day
➡ Make lunches the night before
➡ Have your kids pick out their clothes ahead of time
➡ Sign papers and put backpacks by the door
➡ Add 15 minutes to your morning by setting bedside alarms 15
minutes earlier


1/Establish time for your children each day
➡ Consider times when you and your kids are home together

2/Bring stability to your schedule by insisting everyone be present for dinner

3/Set limits and briefly explain
➡ Establish limits to preserve your “getting ready for work” routine and to assist your children establish routines

4/Distinguish between attention-seeking and needing help
➡ If a child is disruptive in the mornings, evaluate whether you’re spending quality time with him each day
➡ Spending quality time daily will help quell children’s attention-seeking behaviors

5/Take turns with your spouse for morning tasks and bedtime routines for the kids

6/Be honest with your kids about time


1/Always have a Plan B
➡ Take along work reports to find opportunity to complete tasks while at the activity

2/ Think about how to utilize time normally spent waiting at your kids’ events
➡ Rather than sit and wait, read a page of your work report or chec figures

3/If necessary, alternate extracurricular activity attendance with your spouse
➡ Save time and stay connected when you take turns with your spouse


1/Developing a Meal List
➡ Make a Meal List with a number of simple meals along with their
grocery lists
➡ How to Put Your Meal List to Proper Use
🍥Place copies of your Meal List everywhere
🍥Share the Meal List with your spouse
🍥Make your Meal List durable
🍥Place your Meal List on your computer/smartphone
🍥Consult your Meal List when grocery-shopping

2/Time-Saving Meal Preparation
Double duty: Use meal preparation time to also spend time with your spouse
Triple duty: Have your spouse and kids help you cook dinner for some quality time
Plan ahead: Make tomorrow’s salad or Jell-O today to save time
Make two and freeze one: To stretch your time, double your recipe for tonight and freeze half for a future dinner.


1/Daily cleaning and organizing
➡ Set timer for 15 minutes every morning to quickly complete a few house tasks

2/Have a basket or box handy
➡ Give each child a basket or box to do a walk-through and pick up their own items
➡ Use the timer method for your kids to race to pick up their own things
➡ Do a quick room walkthrough daily to dust and put things back where they belong

3/Divide and spread larger house-keeping tasks over time
➡ For example: Mondays, dust. Tuesdays, sweep. Wednesdays, vacuum. Thursdays, wipe down appliances. Saturdays, do laundry, etc.
➡ Teach young children how to do basic cleaning tasks
➡ Maintaining organization and keeping up with housework will save you time in the long run


1/Every day at work, email, phone or text your partner.

2/Creatively fit in time together at home to complete home and yard

3/Share responsibilities together.

4/After putting young kids to bed, spend time together.

5/Plan to get away, just the two of you, every two weeks or so for a couple of hours.


1/Arise 30 minutes earlier
➡ Take time to do what you love before anyone wakes up

2/Leave home earlier

3/Meet friends for hors d’oeuvres after work


1/Carry a spiral notebook with you
➡ Start your Home to Do List at the front of the notebook
➡ Begin your Work to Do List at the back of the notebook

2/Don’t sweat the small stuff

3/Be flexible

4/Know your priorities

5/Reflect on tomorrow’s tasks, today

6/Every morning, consider what you have to do


1/Compliment your efforts

2/Take time to read and converse with your partner

3/Fit in some me-time

Even with all you must do, you’ll calm the chaos in your life when you practice these time management techniques. Achieving harmonious balance in your life will help you live the sweet existence you truly deserve!

With Love

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